Giving Back Through a Pandemic


Edith Felipe, Featured Writer

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we’ve been deprived of doing many activities we used to enjoy. As each day passes, it’s easy to feel helpless, but no matter what your situation is, you can still make a difference from the comfort of your home. Finding ways to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic can give you a sense of purpose during these difficult times. This is also a great way to support community ties and works as a reminder that we’re all working towards a common goal. 

1. Begin with those you know

Anyone, you know whether it be your friends, teachers, or relatives can find benefit from a friendly text, video, call. This seems like a small gesture but the positive impact of checking up on someone is greater than you think, especially with those who feel vulnerable due to the pandemic. 

2. Donations 

Many people right now don’t have extra funds or the necessities they need. However, if you’re part of those who have even a little to spare, consider donating to organizations that are making a difference during the pandemic. If you’re strapped for cash, instead of donating money you can donate things like non-perishable foods you have laying at home and clothing you don’t want anymore. 

3. Use your skills to benefit others 

You can get creative with ways to help out and many of us have a talent that can be of service. For example, if you’re a good sewer you can make homemade masks and donate them. Web design is also a good skill considering many small businesses and organizations switched to an e-commerce model.

4. Help vulnerable groups

The organization Be My Eyes is a great way to help because it pairs the blind/visually impaired with volunteers to help them with everyday tasks through video chat.

5. Mental health support

The COVID-19 pandemic, isolation, and worry have caused many declines in mental health, and helping relieve someone else’s concerns may help you feel less alone and lower your own stress levels too. You can do a video chat, stream movies, or anything to help each other out during these trying times. 

6. Practice social distancing and self-care

Many underestimate how much they can help by following public health guidelines. By wearing your mask properly and social distancing, you are making a crucial difference. You are helping yourself and others from contracting COVID-19 and any variants.

7. Making and Sending Letters

Letters for Destiny is a student-led non-profit organization that simply wants to make kids smile by sending cards to Children’s hospitals across the country. Another great thing about it is that if you want more volunteer hours, Letters for Destiny also targets students that want to give back to the community and get chances to earn volunteer hours. Sending Sunshine is another non-profit organization that tries to improve the lives of senior citizens. They collect cards containing messages to uplift the elderly feeling lonely due to COVID-19. 



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