Radio City: Music to My Ears


Ms. Samantha Colon, Editor-in-chief

McClancy’s Chorus is gearing up to open for The Rockettes at Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular on December 16th! 

If you know someone who would like to get tickets for the event you can visit the website:

With 10 or more people you can get a group discount, please contact Ms. Smith for details [email protected] 

We will be sitting in the orchestra section in 6 Rows D through H, so purchase your tickets accordingly.

We are so proud of all of our students involved!! We are the champions! 


Below Angela Gallina ’25 and Madi Vincenzi ’25 share their reactions to this incredible opportunity!


I was doing my work at my desk when suddenly Ms. Smith stood up from her desk with
excitement, and looked over to me and said something along the lines of “We are going to Radio City
Music Hall!” I was speechless, and I am pretty sure my jaw dropped. A stream of thought whizzed
through my head, ear to ear. I first thanked God for giving me this opportunity because never in a
million years would I have believed that I would be singing next to the Rockettes. Furthermore, I
recall ever so clearly that when I was little I would watch America’s Got Talent with my mom, and
how contestants desired to get the golden buzzer to be able to go directly to perform at Radio City
Musical, and how it was such a big deal to them. I was young and I did not fully understand what it
meant to have the opportunity to perform there, but now I do after the hard work that was put into
the audition. Moreover, I remember watching America’s Got Talent at Radio City Musical, and now
I am going from watcher to performer. I was in complete awe. While I was lost in this stream of
thought, I was able to come to one conclusion, that her announcement was definitely music to my

I was genuinely unable to wait to get home to tell my parents the good news. Hence, I texted
them during lunch. My mom was ecstatic and my dad was very proud. Ms. Smith is concrete
evidence that if you chase your dreams you will get them, which is what I have learned and I am
forever grateful for the amount of work, time, and passion that she has put into making us have
insane memories while being students at Monsignor McClancy Memorial Highschool.

– Angela Gallina ’25


Before school had started I heard that the choir had sung at city field, and other places where you can be
heard and recognized. Hearing this as a freshmen, I was excited to join the choir. The first day everyone
met Ms. Smith shared very important news. This news being, that we would be performing at Radio City
for the Rockettes in December. When I heard this news I was very surprised and shocked. I couldn’t
believe that we would be performing in front of hundreds of people on that very stage. When I got home
that day I immediately told my parents. Having the same reaction as me, they were both surprised and
shocked. But in order to prepare for the show I am attending choir everyday we meet, and practicing at
home by myself.

-Madi Vincenzi ’25