A Peak Into Spirit Week!


Angela Gallina

Monsignor McClancy’s Most Exciting Week is Here!

Fun Fact: The school- wide week of spirit, started Ms. Colon’s Senior year! (2016)


 Overview of Spirit Week 

       The first day of spirit week is Twin Day! This is where you and someone else can wear matching outfits, whether matching funny (appropriate) t-shirts or a comfortable tracksuit. 

        The second day of spirit week is Jersey Day! This day of the week, you can “sport” your favorite sports player! 

     The third day of spirit week is Color Wars! Each grade level represents the pride of their grade by wearing their respective color. The freshmen are to wear white, the sophomores are to wear blue, the juniors are to wear pink articles of clothing, and seniors are to wear black. Also the faculty join in on the spirit week fun! They wear the color red to fashion one of the school’s colors. 


     The fourth day of the spirit week is McClancy Gear Day! This day students wear their McClancy gear, sweatpants and sweatshirts with the McClancy logo are permitted to wear. 

  The final day of spirit week is Decade Day! The themes per each grade level are as  follows: 

Freshmen- 60’s,  Sophomore 70’s, Junior 80’s,  and the Senior 90’s. 

                           Stay tuned for more updates and photos from spirit week!