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Halloween Safety Tips


  Halloween is a very popular holiday among all ages, but it is mostly popular among kids. People of all ages from 1 to age 18 and even older trick or treat and dress up for fun. Even though halloween is fun, everyone, especially young kids who trick or treat, must look out for these common halloween dangers. 

     Halloween may seem like a harmless holiday but it comes with many possible dangers. Some of those dangers are kids getting hit by cars, kids getting lost, and one of the most dangerous of all is candies laced with fentanyl. Fentanyl is a death causing drug that even the slightest touch or taste can cause a person serious health problems or even death. In today’s day and age people lace harmless candies with fentanyl which is then given out to little kids on halloween. This is a huge and dangerous problem. 

    A few ways to avoid these dangers are looking both ways when you cross the street, because according to Nemours, Kids Health “The risk of kids being hit by a car is higher on Halloween than on any other day of the year.”  If you’re a little kid make sure you stay near a parent when trick or treating so you don’t get lost. For the younger kids, have your parents check your Halloween candy before you eat it, because it is a good way to prevent a child from consuming the dangerous drug called fentanyl. For teens who trick or treat you don’t necessarily need your parents to check your candy! When checking your own candy look out for a tiny white powder covering your candy, or tears in your candy packages. These are just a few ways teens can check to make sure their candy is safe, edible, so that they can enjoy a good holiday! 


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