McClancy Goes To Radio City!


Angela Gallina , Featured Writer

Radio City Music Hall, the famous stage that had homed all of the spectacular shows of the Rockettes since 1925. To believe that my school’s chorus, including me, has performed on that very stage still continues to dwell in my mind. The Christmas atmosphere gave me a warm hug upon entering the big red hall. It was beautiful. The luxurious and classical detailing of  the interior caught my eyes quickly. There were  grand spiral staircases, spectacular chandeliers, and vintage paintings of past performers that were all essential to the ambience. I especially noted the enormous restroom that had a lounge area in it, I have never seen that before. 

Going on to the stage and looking straight out into the audience was breathtaking. For some reason, my mind compared it to the scene from The Greatest Showman  when the film camera shows Jenny Lin’s perspective of the audience from the stage. While containing my excitement,  I was able to concentrate and focus on my part as a soprano, as I would do during practices.  Seeing an estimated 12,000 eyes staring back at the stage, was not something that I really understood until after I was sitting on the bus back to school catching myself thinking “What if a celebrity was there in disguise?” Next, watching the Nutcracker on stage was lovely. I enjoy listening to classical music and watching the ballet that goes along with it. The live orchestra was beautiful!