The Alumni Impact


Luca Vicino

We hear his name so often, but do we know how much he truly helps our school? Stephen Squeri, CEO of American Express, and McClancy alumni, makes more of a contribution to our school than fellow students and faculty even know. After graduating from Monsignor McClancy in 1977, Steven Squeri went on to acquire a degree in accounting and computer science in 1981 and earned a Mastera of Business Administration, at Manhattan College in 1986. 

With these stepping stones Squeri laid out beneath himself, he joined American Express in 1985, spreading it to cardholders all over the globe. He quickly gained a platform and made a name for himself. With this in mind and plenty of other accomplishments, he stayed in touch with his former schools, one of which was Msgr. McClancy! 

Although we hold continuous fundraisers to fund new equipment such as computers in the library, flat screen TVs in the Squeri Center itself, and ice cream vending machines, Stephen Squeri has helped us make numerous advancements as a school. The track and field behind our school were completely remodeled and rebuilt in 2022 to help our current and future student athletes, all thanks to his $2.1 million donation. The captain of the McClancy softball team, Kamryn Walls, says, “I think it was so generous to donate that to the school to encourage students to play more outdoor sports and make more people come and watch games. I also think that it made the athletes and players feel more professional and excited to play on a field that was brand new.” With that only being one of his generous donations, Steven Squeri truly has opened up many opportunities, not just for students but for everyone that is a part of the McClancy community!


Photo Credit: Michael