Time to hang up the skates!


Abigail Vorlicek, Sport's editor

As the hockey season comes to an end, I asked Alessia a little bit about how the season has been going so far for her personally, and for the team as well. 

Interview with Alessia DiGiovanna (Class of 2024).

Is it nice to finally be able to play games since there were none played last year?

It’s definitely nice to be playing again since last year we couldn’t have any games.” Last year, no hockey games were played because of the pandemic. This means Alessia and all her teammates missed an entire season of playing hockey in high school, which is sad to think about. She continued to say, “It’s so fun traveling as a team and I just can’t wait for the next two seasons.” Playing any sport isn’t just only about the game. It’s about making memories that will last forever and that’ll never be forgotten. 

What position do you play and how do you feel you contribute to the team?

Alessia says that she is a forward which means her main goal is to contribute to the team’s offense. She says, “I put in all of my effort to help and to contribute to my team.” Then, she expressed how important it is to work hard in this sport. “I will never stop working during on-ice and off-ice practice.” Staying determined and practicing skills on and off the ice is crucial to achieving personal success and success with the team as well.