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How to make a New Year’s Resolution


The New Year is just around the corner and you are given time to reflect on all the things you have accomplished the last year. As we move forward into the new year, we want to be better and stronger than we have the past year. I like to write a list of what I want to accomplish in the new year. Giving yourself a challenge in the new year gives you the motivation to accomplish your goals and become better. It allows you to have a fresh start and boost your self-esteem. Believe me when I say that the feeling of accomplishment you feel at the end of the year will be worth the hard work and discipline you put into those goals. You may be asking yourself, “How do I even know where to start?” Well, the answer is easier than you may think. You can make goals for yourself with these easy steps. 

1. Focus on a goal

The first step in creating a goal is to know what you want to focus on in the new year. Ask yourself what you want or what’s important to you that want to focus on. You may want to get better grades or become more fit. It’s all up to you. Find that motivation!

2. Break the goal down and make sure it’s realistic

Decide what you’re going to do to accomplish that goal. Break the goal down into smaller and easier goals that are achievable. Viewing them as little easy tasks instead of one huge goal will improve the chance of completing them. Make sure that you know you’ll commit yourself to that goal and take the actions necessary to achieve it. Do not set the bar too high for yourself in the beginning and aim for something realistic and manageable. 

3. Write it Down!

After you dedicate yourself to that goal, make sure to write it down. Stick it on your fridge, in your locker, or in a spot you see daily. It gives you a daily and visual reminder to find that motivation and stick to it. 

4. Make a plan

Envision what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it. Make a list of steps to fulfill that goal. For even more motivation be specific on how and when you’ll take action on that goal. For example, planning when and what time you’re going to study or go to the gym. 

5. Track your Progress

Once you have your objective in mind, track your progress. It’s a great way to motivate you and keep striving towards the goal. The most efficient way to track it is by writing down your progress in either a journal or a notebook. Count how many hours you studied or how many reps you can do. It reminds you to take action and not procrastinate. 

6. Strive for it!

Make every possible effort you can to accomplish that goal. Do not discourage yourself or forget about it. If you believe it will improve your life, take the steps to do something about it. 

With these 6 simple steps, you’ll be able to create a resolution and stand by it. If you believe that you can accomplish it, it’s possible. The New Year promises many great things for you. I hope you have a Happy New Year! 


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