Hear From One of McClancy’s Chorus Singers at Citi Field!


Angela Gallina, Featured Writer

Singing “The Star Spangled Banner” at Citi Field was a first time experience  that I will treasure during my time as a member of the McClancy chorus. Walking out from the basement onto the field, and seeing the rest of the stadium from such a low point put me into perspective. I felt really small in a humbling way, and I felt very excited. On the field I saw Vogelbach, McNeil, and Alonso practicing their throws and runs. I was amazed that I saw these baseball players up close. Furthermore,  I saw a mix of beautiful colors from the ocean of people in the stands, and I heard a lot of commotion that echoed across the stadium.

The next thing I knew, the echoes from singing echoed into my memory. I remained concentrated on Ms. Smith’s composing to make sure that I stay on the correct timing and sing the right notes as a soprano.

Before singing at Citi Field, we practiced in a sufficient way. Ms. Smith always prepares us well for all the opportunities that come our way!  Also, before attending the game I printed out a physical copy of the ticket to the game to put into my memory box for high school.