Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School’s Steam Club Continues Annual Quail Egg Raising Project to Combat Lyme Disease

Anthony Ghaly, Editor/Writer


QUEENS, NY – The Steam Club at Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School is once again making a significant contribution to the fight against Lyme disease with their annual quail egg-raising project. Building upon their previous successes, the dedicated students are nurturing and raising 62 quail eggs in a specially designed incubator within the school premises.

The Steam Club, known for its commitment to sustainable practices and community health, recognizes the urgent need to combat Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness prevalent in the region. Taking inspiration from nature’s own solution, the students are utilizing quails, renowned for their natural tick-control abilities, as a preventive measure against Lyme disease transmission.

Year after year, the Steam Club’s quail-raising initiative has proven to be an effective strategy in mitigating the risk of Lyme disease. With each new batch of quail eggs, the students embark on a journey of incubation, nurturing, and eventual release of these birds into designated areas known to be tick-prone.

The incubation process is a carefully monitored endeavor, with the students ensuring that the eggs are provided with the optimal conditions for successful development. With precise temperature and humidity controls, the incubator becomes a sanctuary for the growing embryos, fostering their healthy progression toward 



The anticipation and excitement build as the incubation period progresses, lasting approximately 18 to 24 days. The students engage in discussions and knowledge-sharing, deepening their understanding of embryonic development and the responsibilities associated with the incubation process.




Once the quail chicks emerge from their shells, the students transition to the next phase of the project—the care and feeding of the young quail. The Steam Club has created a nurturing habitat within the school premises, complete with spacious enclosures, appropriate vegetation, and hiding spots. This carefully designed environment ensures the quails’ growth and provides them with the necessary conditions to become effective tick fighters.



As the quails mature under the students’ care, the day of their release draws closer—a significant moment in the fight against Lyme disease. By actively raising quails every year, Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School’s Steam Club showcases it ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being