Love Is In The Air… Let’s Keep It That Way!


Edith Felipe, Featured Writer

Now that Valentine’s Day has come to an end, that doesn’t mean that your love should end either! One day throughout the entirety of the year isn’t quite enough time to spread love amongst your special people. Here are a few ways to incorporate that love no matter the day! It’s important that we show appreciation towards others wherever, whenever, and however whether it be romantic or platonic love. 

  1. Greet those you see – Acknowledging someone is a great way to show that you are glad to see them. Maybe try greeting someone new and who knows, you might end up with a new friend as well.
  2. Give compliments – A simple compliment to someone can easily bring up their mood.
  3. Give someone a heartfelt note
  4. Pay attention to show you care – Don’t simply discard what someone says as this may make them feel unheard. Many times, people just want others to listen to them.
  5. Give them something that reminds you of them – By doing this, you let the other person know that you’re thinking of them when you aren’t together.
  6. Give a hug – Sometimes all we need is a hug to get through the day and you never know, someone might really need it.