School Wide Pajama Day


Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School recently held its annual Pajama Dress Down Day, where students and staff participated in a unique event that combined fundraising for charity with a regular school day.

On Pajama Dress Down Day, students and staff were permitted to wear their pajamas to school in exchange for a donation to a designated charity. 

The school hallways were filled with a sea of colorful pajamas as students and teachers arrived for the day, many showing off their creative and cozy sleepwear. From onesies to pajama pants, the students’ relaxed apparel filled the school with a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

Despite the casual attire, the school day proceeded as normal, with classes and regular activities taking place.

The Pajama Dress Down Day is just one of the many charity events that Monsignor McClancy holds throughout the year, demonstrating the school’s commitment to giving back to the community. The school and its students are proud to have combined a regular school day with a fun and unique way to raise funds for those in need, and they look forward to doing it again next year.