Behind the Scenes Look into the Humanities and STEAM Department


Ms. Samantha Colon, Editor-in-chief

Ella Hendrix writer of, “How Your Surroundings Affect the Way You Study” notes, “research has found that learning environments play a crucial role in student success” (1).  The extension made to the school’s cafeteria allows for both students and teachers to change up their environment. Getting students motivated and excited to learn is the ultimate goal and the extension has created a space perfectly designed for this.

Ms. Colon ’16 and her students have been working diligently all year to prepare for the New York State regents this June. Pictured below, student’s in Ms. Colon’s sophomore English honors class worked on creating an argumentative essay outline based on the big question they have been debating in class: Is social media beneficial or harmful?














Mr. Savoca ’09 and Ms. Danke’s classes integrated the use of art and math together for a lesson in our patio area.