Have You Ever Wondered What a Sheep Brain Looks Like?


Justin Alston , Featured

The intriguing and fascinating sheep brain dissection that Ms. Cracolici, Ms. Smith, and Mr. Sciemi executed perfectly was a great way to help students experience something they may have never thought they could. The opportunity of the brain dissection definitely caught the eye of some of my fellow crusaders and I. It was a chance to try something that incorporated aspects of both the STEAM and Medical Clubs. Incorporating elements of both clubs was an innovative move that piqued the interest of many students. It was a genius idea by Ms. Cracolici and Ms. Smith to combine their clubs into one for this after school activity. Merging both clubs allowed students only in Medical Club to garner interest in STEAM Club and vice versa. I think I speak for the majority of both clubs when I say I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the next activity these clubs have to offer. The hands-on sheep brain dissection was an irreplaceable experience. So, when I receive my next notification on Google Classroom for another meeting with the Medical or STEAM Club, I will surely be there!


Sheep heart dissection